July 10, 2014

Stockholm: Finale

To start the second half of my Stockholm post, we change hotel venues for one night on the af Chapman. A sailing ship which was is now permanently moored, and converted to a bar on the top deck, and hostel cabins below. Definitely a fun experience for a night, but I wouldn’t recommend any more than that. Bring your earplugs because it isn’t very soundproof, and is apparently a hot spot for families with loud children.

On the seventh we visited Storkyrkan and Riddarholmskyrkan; two churches dating back to the thirteenth century. Both house the burial spots of royalty, and have been used in events such as coronations. Riddarholmskyrkan is no longer has a congregation, but Storkyrkan does and is quite beautiful. While walking from one to the other we stumbled upon the changing of the guards at the royal palace.

On the eighth, we got on the ferry to explore a little bit of the archipelago around Stockholm. Our stop: Vaxholm. It is a small village, definitely a tourist attraction. On a small island not 50 yards from the docks is castle/fort; Vaxholm Castle.

On our final day in Stockholm, we started by wandering through the “old town” area of the city; Gamla Stan. I was able to get a few good pictures of the winding streets and alley ways. We continued on to the Tekniska Museet (Technology Museum). Definitely some fun things to do including working an excavator, and their temporary exhibit: Game On 2.0. Old video games, working on their original hardware. If Elizabeth weren’t patiently waiting for me, I probably would have spent half the day here.

Finally, I decided to head to what is listed as the best hot dogs in Stockholm; Günters Korv. Unfortunately, it appears Günter is on vacation until early-August. So, I had to settle for one of the chain versions of Tunnbrödsrulle. Tunnbrödsrulle is (get ready), a hot dog with lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, mashed potatoes, and shrimp salad in a grilled tortilla like wrap. It is a lot of food. It is pretty good though.

As we sit here at Bromma Airport, waiting to fly to Brussels, I find myself with little more than a week left in my travels. Sweden was a lot of fun; beautiful places, and lots to see an do. However, when I do it again, I won’t do it alone. Most locals seem disinterested in talking to foreigners. I’d love to come back to watch a hockey game, and see more of the northern parts of the country. But until then, Hej då Sverige.

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