July 13, 2014

Beer Beer Beer (A.K.A. Brussels)

Belgium, land of indulgence. Chocolate, waffles, beer. We’ve had them all.

From the two full days in Brussels, there isn’t a whole lot to list that hasn’t been consumptive. We have wandered around a lot. Saw the outside of the palace, wandered around a couple of parks, visited Grand Place and the surrounding neighborhood. We also visited a few fine art museums.

Really, the most interesting thing of note has been the complete shift in weather. In Stockholm it was sunny, and around 80 degrees every day. Here it has been 70-75, and cloudy with light rain. Except for our first night. Around 2:30a lightning struck so close to the building that it set off the fire alarm. Definitely a fun way to wake up.

However, the real point of interest in this portion of the trip has been eating and drinking. Waffles: Both savory and sweet. Chocolate. Speculoos everything. (Beer, cookies, syrup…) But especially beer. If you’re so interested, I’ve been checking-in all of my beers on Untappd.

(Brussels is bi-lingual.)

Si peut lire ceci, vous êtes probablement pas boire de la bière belge.

Als u dit leest, ben je waarschijnlijk niet het drinken van Belgisch bier.

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