July 14, 2014


I wasn’t originally going to post an entry for Gent. We were only there for about 24 hours, but I’m sitting here on the high-speed train, going very slowly because of a fire between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Gent is a small, canal city in the North of Belgium. For our first day weather was a bit bad. Overcast, and raining on-and-off throughout the day; sometimes pouring down. So, what do you do on a day like that in Belgium? You drink beer. And lots of it. Well, after a bit of wandering around first I guess.

Most of the pictures below are actually from a two hour span this morning before we had to board our train out of town. Only the Flower Market is actually from yesterday.

As a bonus, we got to spend a little extended layover in Antwerp, so here is a picture from the Old Town area of the city.

On to the final portion of our trip; Amsterdam!

Vaarwel Belgiƫ; Hallo Amsterdam.

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