(Backdated, an written as if I had written it just before bed on that day. Because I can.) The trip from Schiphol to Keflavik Airport was uneventful; or, as maybe I should phrase that as “I slept almost the entire flight.” Apart from having to check my backpack, and it ending up with a nasty scuff on it, everything went well.

The weather on arrival was very much like a Portland early-March day; about 50 degrees (the high 52; low 48), light rain and grey. I checked in to my accomadations which are very nice for a guesthouse / hostel. Clean, friendly, and a door low enough to smack your head on if you’re not paying attention. My Room 1 My Room 2

My first experience with the midnight sun was about what you’d imagine, but still surprising. When going to bed around 10:30p, it is about as bright as a 7p summer day in Portland. But more on that in a future post.

Góða nótt.