(Backdated, an written as if I had written it just before bed on that day. Because I can.) As I usually do for my first day in a city, I spent today wandering around with little more than an idea for places to see. Just let the city take me where it wants.

Another gray, rainy, Portland-winter-like day. (I guess what I’m saying here is “don’t expect vibrant colorful photography from today.”)

Because it is only a few steps away from where I’m staying, I first stopped by Hallgrímskirkja; a simple, plain, concrete church, but one that towers over the surrounding buildings and is quite elegant in its simplicity. By coincidence, I walked up as they were opening the doors, so it was quiet inside; only the voices of four or five people milling about. A beautiful pipe organ sits above the doors as you enter. Church 1 Church 2 Church 3

Another stop during the day was to see Harpa; the Opera House right on the bay. A beautiful new building, I wish I was able to see a performance here. Next time I’m in Iceland! Harpa 1 Harpa 2

For dinner I stopped by Icelandic Fish & Chips; a spot with a fancier take on fish and chips. Three choices for fish of the day, then served on fried potato wedges on top of a salad. Mine was Redfish, on top of orange salad, with mango sauce. Delicious. Icelandic Fish

While there I met three Americans who are teachers for the DoD in Germany; David, David, and Susan. A great trio to spend the night drinking at the Lebowski Bar; an amazing place to go if you’re a fan of the movie. Here are a couple of pictures (and since I’m backdating this, there may be more to come). Lebowski Bar 1 Lebowski Bar 2

Góða nótt.