(Author’s note: This post is back dated, a bit longer, but integral to understanding the plight of our hero. Oh, also, theres a trip to the Iceland Phallological Museum, so there is a picture of preserved animal penises. You have been warned.)

One of the reasons I traveled to Iceland was to experience the 24-hours of sunlight around the summer solstice. While Reykjavík is south of the Arctic Circle, it’s still pretty close. Around the summer solstice the sun sets just after midnight, and rises just before three AM. However, it never gets very dark. This interferes with your sleep cycle a bit (wear an eye mask!), but the biggest issue is how it affects your ability to judge when to leave the bar. When the 1:30a light looks like 8p in Portland you don’t realize you should have left the bar long ago. Here are a couple of pictures I took last night, with the “stats” for those of you more photographically inclined and would recognize how much light there is. Midnight Sun 1 Canon 70D; 35mm prime; 1/50th of a second; f/2.8; ISO 1600; no “photoshopping” Midnight Sun 2 Canon 70D; 35mm prime; 1/50th of a second; f/2.0; ISO 400; no “photoshopping”

So, now that you might have figured out how last night ended, on to today.

Last night, while trying to buy some beers for David x 2 and myself my card was declined. So, after getting up this morning I gave my card company a call. After explaining “I told you about my travels” they still wanted to check out a few of them to be sure.

  • “Store in Reykjavík.” “OK.”
  • “Restaurant in Reykjavík.” “Fine.”
  • “Convenience store in Reykjavík.” “Did I mention I’m in Reykjavík? Yes, OK!”
  • “Gas twice on the same day in Chicago.” “Fuck.”

So my card number was stolen, and now my card has been deactivated. I have enough cash to cover a few days, but I still need to pay for a lot of hotels, meals, and attractions in the next 27 days of this trip. So, now I have to wait for a new card to be shipped to me. Luckily my bank is coming through; despite calling at what was the equivalent of very early Saturday morning US time, I’ll receive my new card on Monday. Hopefully this is the only “issue” I experience this trip.

Frustrating, but not the end of the world. What makes everything better? Eating the local style of hot dog! So, I walked the couple of blocks to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur; the best dogs in Reykjavík, and a place once visited by Bill Clinton. … Before he went all hippy-vegan on us.

The setup: a hot dog, on top of fried onions, ketchup (I know, but that is how the locals eat them apparently), sweet mustard, raw onion, and their mayo-based sauce. Pretty good, but no coney dog. Pylsur 1 Pylsur 2 Pylsur 3 (Bonus picture of a small car full of hot dog buns!)

Now, after eating a hotdog, what makes the most sense to visit? The Iceland Phallological Museum of course! I won’t go in to much detail, but that are lots of different preserved penises, and phallic art & folk lore. Definitely like nothing I’ve ever seen before; plenty of opportunities for jokes, and worth the quick stop. Phallic Museum

To end the day I swung by Dave x 2 and Susan’s hotel for drinks before heading back to the Lebowski bar for Germany v. Ghana. While there we hung out with some cool Germans; although they might be less popular for Thursday’s upcoming US v. Germany World Cup match. Again, I stayed up way too late thanks to that cursed midnight sun. Luckily I don’t have to get up early and ride an eight hour bus tour tomorrow. … Oh wait, yes I do… Crap. Lebowski 1 Lebowski 2

Góða nótt.