(Updated en route to Copenhagen.) For the first nice day in Iceland I hopped on a bus for a day-long bus tour through some of the natural beauty near Reykjavík. Through active geothermal areas, to Þingvellir national park where you can see the faults generated by the separating of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. After that, onward to Gullfoss waterfall, and finally Geysir.

Once the tour returned to Reykjavík, I headed up to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja tower, and took a few more pictures of the city.

To finish the day, I went out with a few Germans staying in the same guest-house; Stefan, Stefan, and Michael. We grabbed a meal at a local Middle Eastern restaurant with some interesting takes on what I’ve come to known as these dishes. Tabouleh with no parsley. Hummus with peanuts in it. (Dolna was pretty standard.) Nothing bad, just different (and maybe not quite as good).

Following dinner we found a bar showing the US-Portugal game that actually had seats. Where Joe’s Cellar is “like drinking in your friend’s parent’s basement”, this was like drinking in their well-lit-at-midnight-attic. Top floor of a building, with old couches setup around a TV; boxes of whatever stored nearby.

Obviously, we all know how the US-Portugal game turned out (at least those of us who care). Thursday’s US-Germany game means a lot more than it would have otherwise. So, I wish the Stefans and Michael good travels around the Icelandic ring road, but come Thursday there will be just a little bit of hope that they will be crying in to their Gulls or Vikings somewhere in Iceland. (Although, we could all be happy in a number of circumstances as well.)

So, without further ado, here are a days-worth of pictures:


Þingvellir 1 Þingvellir 2 Þingvellir 3 Þingvellir 4


Gullfoss 1 Gullfoss 2


Geysir 1 Geysir 2 Geysir 3 Geysir 4


Reykjavík 1 Reykjavík 2

Þangað til á morgun.