For my second-to-last day, and final nice weather day in Iceland I decided to make it a mostly lazy day in Reykjavík. Well that, and I had to stick around and wait for my new credit card to show up. (You may have noticed that I posted most of my last blog entries in the Icelandic-morning of June 23rd.)

Given that it was a nice day, I decided to spend the afternoon wandering around, retaking some of the pictures I had taken earlier in the week but with better lighting. I’ll post these below.

I finished out the evening, as one might expect, enjoying a few Icelandic craft beers. First stop was a place called Micro Bar, where I met the bartender Steinn. A very intelligent man who had collaborated with Ninkasi (an Oregon craft brewer) in the past. On tap was a beer he had brewed for his wedding; an ever-so-slightly-red-tinged pale ale. It was delicious. He plans on visiting Oregon this Autumn to collaborate with Ninkasi again, and I hope he does. The beer community will enjoy whatever they come up with.

Einn dagurinn.

Harpa Tourist at Harpa Square City Hall