I’m sitting here in seat 22A of my flight from Iceland to Copenhagen reminiscing of what I’ll remember most about my trip to Iceland. As with most trips, I’ll remember the people as much as the sights I’ve talked about in my previous posts.

  • Bedda - Proprietress of the Our House Guesthouse; so full of energy, and always looking to help out.
  • David, David, and Susan - Americans teaching for the US-DoD in Germany; have a happy retirement David, and Susan, best of luck with the other Dave. :)
  • Stefan, Stefan, and Michael - The Germans traveling the ring road as I write this; take some good photos, and don’t cry too much when the US beats Germany tomorrow.
  • Flo, Sonja, and Catrin - The other Germans I met while watching the Germany-Ghana world cup match.
  • Marissa and Sarah - An American and a Brit who ran a half-marathon and 5k respectively, finishing under the midnight sun.
  • Steinn - The Icelandic bartender with a beer knowledge better than most I know. I look forward to seeing you in Portland some day!
  • Ville - A half-American, half-Icelandic man; I hope your date with the girl “Hotter than Heather Graham” went well!
  • West - The snappy-dressing 21-year old from BC, Canada who has his hands full with the cougars.


I will return to Iceland someday. There’s too much to do. There’s too much beauty left unseen. A trip around the ring road with some stops for photos and hikes to start. The Northern Lights. The whales and puffins of the coast. I look forward to it.