After a couple of days in Copenhagen, I’m a little surprised I didn’t enjoy it more. The city is beautiful, and there are lots of things to do. I strolled through parks, visited museums, viewed the city from above atop two different towers, a lot of great walking, and even a big thunderstorm while I was there! However, in the end, I can’t say it’s high on my list to re-visit. The residents seemed so focused on appearances, and snubbing tourists, that I never really met anyone while I was there. On the last night I found a bar that had $6 Tuborg beers (which is downright cheap compared to the regularly $10+ beers everywhere else), and it looked like a great dive bar. Graffiti on the walls, and good music playing on the stereo. However, once some a few people rolled in wearing sport coats and designer dresses I had the reverse realization of the customers of Moe’s tavern: This isn’t a dive; this is faux-dive!

With that said, if you’re traveling with someone you should check out Copenhagen. However, if you’re traveling alone, you may want to give it a pass until you can find a travel partner to visit with. OK; enough griping. Here are some pictures.

Copenhagen 1 Copenhagen 2 Copenhagen 3 Copenhagen 4 Copenhagen 5 Copenhagen 6 Copenhagen 7 Copenhagen 8

This last one is from the design museum, and is entitled “Chairs, chairs everywhere, but not a spot to sit.” Copenhagen 9

Farvel Danmark.