Moving from Denmark to Sweden, my first stop is just across the water in Malmö. Upon arriving I tossed my stuff at my hotel; the excellent Master Johan Hotel. I set out to take a few photos, but gray skies and hazy conditions limited what I was able to produce. I stopped by the castle, and then wandered out to the harbor to get a few pictures of the “Turning Torso” building.

Turning Torso 1 Turning Torso 2

That evening I met up with a few guys I work with who are based in a town about 10-15 minutes outside of Malmö. It’s always great to meet people you work with across the globe, and Simon, Mattias, Axel, and Robert were no exception. We had dinner, drinks, and great conversation all night. A few of us until the wee hours of the morning… Well, the wee hours for someone who lives in Portland - The City that Sleeps. I had a great time, and I look forward to working with them again when I get back!

God natt Malmö… Eller är det god morgon nu?