After only a few hours of sleep, I got up to catch my train to the tiny coastal village of Varberg. A town of about 50,000 people, it is built around an old fortress on the coast. For my first stop that is exactly where I was headed. Not because it is something super-amazing (though it is at least cool), but because that is where I’m staying tonight. In the 1800s, a portion of the fortress was used as a prison. Now, those buildings and cells have been converted in to a hostel. I’m staying in cell/room number 2.

Hostel 1 Hostel 2 Hostel 3 That’s not a sign you see everyday.

What I originally intended on being a lazy day (sitting in a café, not doing much), quickly turned in to a photo-fest. The town and fortress are quite photogenic… at least for someone who knows what they are doing. But I still managed to get what I thought were a few good shots in.

Varberg 1 Varberg 2 Varberg 3

Oh, and I hit the links for a quick 18 holes… of mini-golf. I managed to get hole-in-ones on both 9 and 18, so I guess my putting is really coming along!

Putt Putt

Lås upp mig för natten, men inte kasta bort nyckeln.